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Our foreign life, work, love and entrepreneurship The story of the computer team

Our foreign life, work, love and entrepreneurship

The story of the computer team

I love computer

The love story of a hard drive

table of Contents:

I am a hard drive

I am DM

I am a CPU

I am a memory

I am a sound card

I am a case


I am a laptop hard drive

I am a motherboard




I am a hard drive


I am a hard drive, st380021a, working in an ordinary desktop computer. Others always think that we are high-tech white-collar workers with clean and decent work, which seems very beautiful. Maybe they had this illusion because they saw the white and beautiful chassis. In fact, a small desktop computer like ours has a tight working environment and the dust inside is frightening to death.


Every day there is a pool of stagnant water, and the work machinery is repeated. I ran word processing to see the movie and I was still working. I really had to encounter any big software and games. I would be busy going up and down, and I would often crash in the end. The technology in our field is changing rapidly, and it is updated almost every two or three years, so everyone is very stressed and insecure.


When each new board came, he was full of ambition and ambition. After a few years, he became disheartened and depressed.


The people in the case are envious of being able to work on other machines. Especially when you go to those laptops, you can often fly around on business trips, stay in a five-star hotel, and you don’t have to do heavy work. Just run Word and chat online. And I prefer to go to those big servers and work in a particularly clean and bright computer room. Although the working hours are longer, but the benefits are good, 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, ups, and array, hot-swappable, how easy it is to do a few people alone.


And it’s also very face-to-face. It only runs critical applications, unlike ours where we do all the messy things.


But I know that those hard drives are very powerful, not scsi, or scsi ii, fibrechannel. IDEs like me can be mixed into workstations even if they are very good. I often wonder if in the factory back then, if I worked hard, would I become an scsi, or at least a laptop hard drive. But I think again, maybe these are destinies.


But I never complain. Memory often complains about the complexity of their motherboard department, how it is incompatible with the new brand-name memory, and how the network card and TV card conflict. I don’t have many friends, so memory counts as one. He is thin and I am fat, he moves fast, and I am always slow. We came to this machine together, he always talked, and I just listen, I never talk. The memory of the mind is very simple, although the English name is memory, but he does not have any memory, he can forget the big things after a sleep. I will not say, but I will remember all the details. He said that a depressed person like me is not suitable for technical work and will sooner or later be schizophrenic. I smiled because I believe in my capacity.


Sometimes I also like this job. It's simple. You don't have to be stared at by the boss all the time like a monitor, and you don't have to deal with external discs like an optical drive. All you need to do is to deal with files. It's nothing more than reading, writing and writing, a simple and quiet life.


Until one day, I still remember the cover of the chassis that was gradually raised, and the beam of light that came in from the gap became wider and brighter. The air was filled with beating particles. At that time, I saw her. She is so slender and thin, and her silvery white shell flickers. The workmanship on the whole body is exquisite and smooth, which makes me ashamed of my clumsiness. I waited until the data cable connected us together before I was relieved. The moment I turned it on, I felt the current difference from usual. Later, memory once laughed at me, saying that as long as we have new people here, the current will be different, and the same was true the last time a new memory came. I think he is nonsense. I tried my best to stay calm, showing a very professional appearance, just faintly greet her and introduce the working environment.


Slowly, I learned that she, ibm-djsa220, is a laptop hard drive, working in the boss’s friend’s laptop. This time I came to copy some files. We had a good chat. She told me a lot of anecdotes about traveling, how it was to take a plane, how the bumps of a car are different, and showed me many beautiful photos, travel notes, and an adventure story about her falling off the table. . And I show off all kinds of stories and jokes downloaded from the Internet.


She laughed happily.


And I was surprised that I could talk non-stop.


One morning, after I turned it on, I saw an empty socket on the data cable.


She stayed for a total of 7 days. Afterwards, I never saw her again.


I regret not exchanging emails and failing to say goodbye to her. When I'm not busy, I will miss the sunlight shining into the case alone.


I don't know what the word memory means, all I have are many files she left behind. I arranged them neatly and placed them in the places where I pass the most. Every time the head passes over them, I feel a touch of comfort.


But I did not expect that my boss would want me to delete these files. I want to argue that there is enough room, but it is useless. So, for the first time in my life, I violated the order, and I secretly modified the file allocation table. Then they hid them in a secret place, and then marked that as a bad sector. No one will ever ask about bad sectors. And there, it became my only secret. I often visit them, although I never stop.


Days are repeated day by day, reading and writing, reading and writing... I think this will continue forever, until one day, the boss wants to install xp but finds that there is not enough space.


He found the problem and wanted to repair the bad sectors. I refused. Soon, I received a new command: format.


I hesitated for a long time


. . .track 0 bad, disk unusable




I am DM


I am DM, a universal low-level formatter, the ultimate weapon of human hard drives.


Few people know me, and I don't know where I came from, but I know the glory I once had. Ten years ago, I was hidden in every computer and every motherboard. I have a lot of hard drives, but no hard drive knows how many I sold, because anyone who has seen me no longer has any memory. However, every swordsman at that time knew that I was their last dependency.


I thought that in my life, there would be no change, and I would live alone in the BIOS forever.


until one day.


Bill became the leader of the martial arts.


The order of the arena needs to be changed, and every swordsman’s code of conduct should abide by Article 95 of Hemorrhoids. He says.


Batch after batch of idiot swordsmen emerged, until they flooded the whole arena. They backtracked on hemorrhoids, but they didn't know what the past normative mourning thoughts were.


What is low level? A young swordsman couldn't help asking. All the swordsmen looked at each other.


He is my predecessor, but once he takes the shot, no one can control him now. Format sighed softly.


The young swordsmen felt a great insult, and they made a decision to kick me out of the BIOS. For them, the unknown world is missing another part.


This is the current arena, a river and lake that is falling.


Now, I spend most of my time in hard drive manufacturers and do nothing. Only the most senior engineers can let me take action, such as today.


This is a piece of st380021a with a capacity of 80G. I read the first line.


There are 5G hidden files inside, and I read the second line.


. . . . .I read the long-lost sunshine.


I read about the beating particles in the air.


I read about ibm-djsa220.


I read her travel notes.


I read about jokes as old as me on smth.


I read his/her heart. . . .

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3D printer

3D printers such as clothes and artificial organs will continue to evolve.

At the University of Rochester, 3D organs have already been created in artificial enemies and designed with high technology so that blood will be produced if cut incorrectly. It will be a great success in the practice of surgery.










Hologram (laser image)

Since it is a stereoscopic image using a laser, the characters that appear in Star Wars can communicate with people who are far away and have a realistic feeling.

Genetically modified food

Technological innovations in foods will also make it possible to remove the contents that would otherwise be present in foods with allergens, leaving the taste intact.







Virtual reality

Now that VR is popular, games can be enjoyed more realistically. It may be a world where we don't really know whether it's a reality like a movie "Matrix" or a dream. Rather, there is a story that the world may be a virtual reality world.

Self-driving car

"Autonomous driving", which large companies are paying attention to, is a high-performance car that prevents accidents by checking the surrounding conditions with an automatic driving device, without adjusting the speed by itself. It is said that the car made by Google is the next-generation work with the highest performance.



The time has come when Amazon has begun delivering drones, delivering drones to your home from your store to your home, rather than the truck of the carrier. However, it feels a bit lonely, that is, the warmth that came from one person to another.

Household support robot

If domestic chores can be provided, it will be possible to provide external support for the lives of the elderly and the disabled. In recent years, there is a possibility that the number of elderly caregivers and the number of families who are unable to work and who fall into a living distress will decrease.

I think it will be a very convenient robot.


 Private space rocket

The space business will be developed by private companies in the future, and it will be the time when you can enjoy space travel safely at a lower price. It may be the day when Horiemon creates the number one space travel agency.

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