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HOC IntelligentTechnology is confirmed for Sustainability Expo2023.

Research fields (environment/energy, life science, system/information science and technology, nanotechnology/new materials, etc.) as a world-class science and technology research institute; ・Environment/energy/new materials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment/health care, regeneration/cell/gene therapy, genome/data infrastructure, basic disease research, seeds development/research infrastructure, etc.) Develop original technology, provide and sell patented products

“Research team member of ACM, AAAI, IEEE, JST, AMED, Riken, etc. , ICT-leading high-tech companies (AI, IOT 5G blockchain quantum computing XR metaverse technology, DX biotechnology, etc.) for research and development, high-quality creative technology development and patented products for future co-creation innovation that promotes SDGs-ESD ·sale.”

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