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Yu HongHong, born in 1970, graduated from Harvard UniversityPhD, currently head of CTO of NTTDATA ,and currently head of CEO of HOC Intelligent Technology, Yu HongHong CEO/GuoLong born in 1995, graduated from Cambridge UniversityPhD ,currently head of CTO of HOC Intelligent Technology .Head of Artificial Intelligence, a scholar of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Full member of JSAI Artificial Intelligence, a member of IEEE, a member of SIGIR, a member of CAAI China Artificial Intelligence Association, AAA1 International AI He is a member of the Intelligence Association, a member of the British Artificial Intelligence China, a member of the British Artificial Intelligence Association ACM, and his main research areas are ERP consulting, cloud technology, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence experts, computer vision, multimedia technology, and machine learning. Etc.

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