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Spring 2023 Applications Are Now Open

Why HOCIT&Cutting-edge Tech Science?

The world is facing many problems that require urgent solutions, but the use of the computer does not necessarily provide an immediate solution to all of them. Some problems cannot be solved in principle even if we use a supercomputer, and some others would require for their solution a longer time than the life of the universe. How can we create rigorous bug-free programs, extract only meaningful data from a massive amount of data, and get answers that we really need within a reasonable time? How can we guarantee the security, correctness, and validity of these computations?
This area is an interdisciplinary research area with cross-disciplinary education and research covering computer science, mathematics, artificial intelligence, data science, and other related fields from basic theory to applications of computing, from the viewpoints of information science. We aim to promote the evolution of the field of computing and artificial intelligence.
Agriculture, Education, Content Marketing, Fintech, Marine, Medical/Health, etc.

ICT has made our lives very convenient, but on the other hand, we must be aware that it can also pose a negative threat. Spam emails that plague us on a daily basis, computer viruses that invade computers without permission from the outside, privacy violations, computer crimes, and even cyber terrorism that make use of them can all be dealt with in a wrong way, from small to large scale. It can cause great disaster. The question is how to deal with them.


How will the information revolution through ICT progress in the future? Artificial intelligence was created by humans, but in the game of chess, for example, it already beat the human world champion in 1997, and has now reached a level that surpasses that of professional players in shogi and go. In the near future, artificial intelligence will have the ability to self-learn and progress to produce higher-level artificial intelligence on its own. In this cycle of self-replication, it is expected that the time will soon come when the intelligence of computers will surpass that of humans. Futurists call it the Singularity. Is it possible for humans and artificial intelligence to coexist peacefully?


The various aspects of ICT have been discussed above, but in the midst of these conflicts, we are now in the midst of a transformation. .

We develop the ability to repeatedly test hypotheses and connect them to results on site, knowledge and technology about ICT, and experience in development, and the ability to utilize ICT in business and problem solving. After completing the course, students are expected to play an active role as "engineers with advanced ICT skills" or "business leaders who can utilize ICT at an advanced level with high antennas and a broad perspective."

Centering on “inquiry and practice,”

It is possible to solve problems and create value in collaboration with domestic and overseas IT industries and international organizations.

Applied information technology research Web business technology major is established, and specialized fields from a wide range of applied information include artificial intelligence, data science, web system development, network management, global entrepreneurship, ERP (enterprise core system), IT manga animation. ,Tourism IT was established

artificial intelligence

Global entrepreneurship

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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ITManga / Anime

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Tourism IT

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