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Digital Farming
at Hand

Introduce smart agricultural technology for various regions and items to the field, implement the architecture for aggregating and utilizing various agriculture-related data, and implement the full-scale operation of the agricultural data linkage platform, and introduce smart agricultural technology to the field and started verification as a consistent system from production to shipment.
Implementation of R&D and demonstration of agricultural sensor devices and systems using AI Full-scale operation of “smart food chain system” and overseas expansion for exporting Japanese agricultural and fishery products and foods
Turning agriculture into a growth industry by realizing the world's highest level of smart agriculture using architecture

New Features

SDGsEnvironment, disaster prevention, social and regional issues, biotechnology, environment, energy, new materials
Environmental improvement/preservation Energy saving/recycling Hydrogen/fuel cells Secondary batteries Renewable energy Smart grid High-performance building materials/high-efficiency construction Disaster prevention/crime prevention Efficiency in agriculture, forestry and fisheries


Engineering is a field of study that aims to design and construct things that are useful to society and safe and comfortable environments based on the basic theories of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as an understanding of natural principles. As globalization and urbanization advance, issues such as resource and energy problems, global warming, and a super-aging society are becoming apparent. Engineering is gaining importance for solving these problems. In order to plan and design things that are useful to society and safe and comfortable environments, it is necessary to discover issues and clarify objectives. You cannot move forward without understanding what is required of you. In order to actually construct things and environments, it is important to know what methods can be used and to understand the limitations in principle. Furthermore, we must ask ourselves whether the method is the best, and whether it is a natural course of action that is not unnecessarily complicated. In order to do so, we must acquire the ability to learn and understand various things and make comprehensive judgments by making full use of that knowledge. In the design engineering department, a team of highly specialized engineers acquires specific methods for constructing things and environments, and has the skills to make comprehensive judgments from the perspectives of usefulness, safety, and comfort.


Production technology, new materials, IoT, robots
Processing/Molding/Joining/Surface Treatment Information/Communication Robots/Drones Machine Parts/Devices Materials/Materials Software/Systems Electrical and Electronic Equipment Control/Automatic Driving/Safety/Security Contract Services (Prototyping/OEM) Physical and Chemical Machines/Optical Instruments Measurement/Analysis Equipment, sensors, etc.
Health, prevention, medical care, nursing care
Clinical/treatment Nursing care/rehabilitation Diagnosis support/analysis/sensors Diagnosis/prevention Robots/telemedicine Others Home products/monitoring, etc.

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