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Terms & Conditions

1. Definition


The Terms use the following terms:

1.1. "Content" means text, sound, music, images, videos, software, programs, codes and other information.

1.2. "Content" means content that can be accessed through the Service.

1.3. "Posted Content" means content that you post, transmit or upload to the Service.

1.4. "Coin" refers to prepaid payment instruments and similar items that can be exchanged for services or content provided for a fee in this service.

1.5. "Individual Terms of Use" refers to terms distributed or posted by the Company under the names of "Terms", "Guidelines", "Policy", etc., separately from these Terms.


2. Acceptance of Terms


2.1. Customers must use the Service in accordance with the provisions of these Terms. Customers cannot use the Service unless they agree to these Terms.

2.2. If you are a minor, please use this service after obtaining the consent of a legal representative such as a person with parental authority. In addition, if the customer uses this service for a business operator, the business operator must also agree to this agreement before using this service.

2.3. If there are separate terms of use for this service, the customer must use this service in accordance with the provisions of the separate terms of use in addition to this agreement.


3. Changes to Terms


The Company may change these Terms within the scope of the purpose of the Service if the Company deems it necessary. In that case, the Company will notify the customer of the content and effective date of the revised Terms by displaying them on the Service or on the Company's website, or by notifying the customer in a manner specified by the Company. The revised Terms shall take effect from the effective date.


4. Account


4.1. When using the Service, it may be necessary to register information and create an account. In this case, the customer must register true, accurate and complete information, and must always revise it so that it is the latest information.

4.2. If you register authentication information when using this service, you must strictly manage it at your own risk to prevent unauthorized use. The Company may regard all actions performed using the registered authentication information as the actions of the customer himself/herself.

4.3. Customers who have registered for the Service may delete their account and withdraw from the Service at any time.

4.4. The Company may delete accounts that have been last accessed for more than one year without prior notice to the customer.

4.5. All of your rights to use the Service will expire when your account is deleted for any reason. Please note that even if you accidentally delete your account, we cannot restore your account.

4.6. Your account on the Service belongs to you personally and exclusively. All rights to use the Service of the Customer may not be transferred, lent, or otherwise disposed of or inherited by a third party.


5. Privacy


5.1. We respect your privacy.

5.2. We will properly handle your privacy information and personal information in accordance with the LINE Privacy Policy.

5.3. We pay the utmost attention to security in order to safely manage the information collected from our customers.


6. Service provision


6.1. In order to use the Service, the Customer shall prepare necessary personal computers, mobile phones, smartphones and other communication devices, operation systems, means of communication, electric power, etc. at the Customer's own expense and responsibility.

6.2. The Company may provide all or part of the Service only to customers who meet the conditions deemed necessary by the Company, such as age, presence or absence of identity verification, presence or absence of registration information, etc.

6.3. If we deem it necessary, we may change all or part of this service at any time without notifying you in advance.

6.4. The Company may suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without prior notice to the Customer if any of the following apply.

(1) When performing system maintenance or repair

(2) When the Service cannot be provided due to force majeure such as accidents such as fires and power outages, natural disasters, wars, riots, and labor disputes;

(3) In the event of a system failure or heavy load on the system;

(4) When it is necessary to ensure the safety of the customer or a third party, or when it is urgent for the public interest.

(5) In addition to the cases specified in (1) to (4), when the Company reasonably determines that it is necessary


7. Non-provision of emergency call function


This service does not provide means for emergency reporting to police agencies, coast guard agencies, fire departments, or other agencies.


8. Ad Display


We may post our or third party advertisements on the Service.


9. Services of third parties other than us


The Service may include services or content provided by third parties other than us. Any such service or content is the responsibility of the third party that provides it. In addition, such services or content may be subject to terms of use or other terms established by the third party that provides them.


10. Content


10.1. The Company grants to the Customer a non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive right to use the Contents provided by the Company for the sole purpose of using the Service.

10.2. When using Contents for which usage fees, usage periods and other terms of use are separately stipulated, the Customer shall comply with such terms of use. Even if "Purchase", "Sale", etc. are displayed on the screen of the Service, the intellectual property rights and other rights related to the Contents provided by the Company to the Customer shall not be transferred to the Customer. You are granted only the use rights described above.

10.3. Customers shall not use (including copying, transmitting, reprinting, or altering) the Contents beyond the intended use of the Service.

10.4. Customers are responsible for backing up posted content. The Company is not obligated to back up Posted Content.

10.5. The Service may include functions that allow multiple users to post, modify, delete, and otherwise edit. In this case, you authorize other users to edit your posted content.

10.6. You will retain the rights you have to the posted content as before, and we will not acquire such rights. However, among the posted content, only those that have been made public to other customers who are not in a friend relationship, the customer has the right to use this for services and promotions to the Company (omitted to the extent that the Company deems necessary and appropriate) (including the right to make changes, etc., and the right to re-license such usage rights to third parties affiliated with our company.).

10.7. Customers shall not exercise moral rights or other rights related to Posted Contents against usage by the Company or a third party based on 10.5. and 10.6.

10.8. If we need to confirm the status of compliance with laws and regulations or these Terms, we may confirm the contents of your posted content as long as it does not violate the law. However, we are under no obligation to make such confirmation.

10.9. If the customer violates or may violate the law or this agreement regarding the posted content, or if it is otherwise reasonably necessary for business, the posted content will be deleted without prior notice to the customer. You can restrict the use of this service by deleting


11. Coins


11.1. Coins will be granted to customers through purchases on the Service, campaigns, and other methods designated by the Company. Units for purchasing coins, payment methods, and other conditions for granting coins will be determined by the Company and displayed on the Service or on the Company's website.

11.2. Coins cannot be exchanged for cash, property or other economic benefits other than the services or content designated by the Company. The number of coins required to exchange for services or content and other coin exchange conditions are determined by the Company and displayed on the Service or on the Company's website.

11.3. Coins can only be used on the account from which they are obtained. In addition, since coins provided by terminal devices with different operating systems are of different types even if they have the same name, they cannot be inherited or combined.

11.4. Coins are non-refundable for any reason. However, this shall not apply if required by law. In this case, the method of refunding Coins will be determined by the Company in accordance with laws and regulations, and will be displayed on the Company's website, etc.


12. Providing Subscription Services


12.1. You may use a service (hereinafter referred to as the "Subscription Service") for which you pay a certain amount of consideration for using the specific Contents designated by the Company for a fee or under the conditions prescribed by the Company for a certain period of time. can be provided. Customers shall comply with these Terms, usage fees, payment methods and other terms and conditions of the Subscription Service posted on the Service or our website.

12.2. The Subscription Service can be canceled at any time, but even if the cancellation procedure is performed in the middle of the scheduled period of use, the period of use cannot be changed and the purchase cannot be canceled. In this case, the fees already paid will not be refunded, nor will they be pro-rated. However, this shall not apply if required by law.

12.3. If the customer does not complete the cancellation procedures for the subscription service by the specified date and time, the usage period may be automatically renewed according to the conditions specified by the Company even after the expiration of the subscription service usage period.


13. Prohibitions


The Company prohibits the following acts by customers regarding this service.

13.1. Acts in violation of laws, court judgments, decisions or orders, or legally binding administrative measures;

13.2. Acts that may violate public order or good morals

13.3. Acts that infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, honor rights, privacy rights, or other legal or contractual rights of the Company or a third party

13.4. Excessively violent expressions, explicit sexual expressions, expressions equivalent to child pornography or child abuse, expressions that lead to discrimination based on race, nationality, creed, gender, social status, family origin, suicide, self-harm Acts of posting or transmitting acts, expressions that induce or encourage drug abuse, or expressions that include anti-social content and cause discomfort to others.

13.5. Impersonating the Company or a third party, or intentionally disseminating false information;

13.6. Acts of sending the same or similar messages to an unspecified number of customers (excluding those approved by the Company), acts of indiscriminately adding other customers to friends or group chats, or other acts that the Company considers to be spam. act of judging

13.7. Acts of exchanging the right to use the Service or the Contents for cash, property, or other economic benefits by means other than those specified by the Company.

13.8. Sales, publicity, advertising, solicitation, and other commercial activities (with the approval of the Company)

Excludes. ), acts for the purpose of sexual or obscene acts, acts for the purpose of meeting or dating an unfamiliar third party, acts for the purpose of harassing or slandering other customers, and other acts planned by this service. Acts of using this service for purposes different from the intended use

13.9. Profit or other cooperation with anti-social forces

13.10. Religious Activities or Solicitations for Religious Organizations

13.11. Acts of illegally collecting, disclosing, or providing personal information, registration information, usage history information, etc. of others

13.12. Acts that interfere with the server or network system of this service, acts that illegally operate this service using bots, cheat tools, or other technical means, acts that intentionally use defects in this service, Acts of making unreasonable inquiries or requests to the Company, such as repeating similar questions more than necessary, or acts of obstructing or interfering with the operation of the Service by the Company or the use of the Service by other customers.

13.13. Acts of reverse engineering, disassembling, or deciphering the source code by any other means for illegal purpose or manner.

13.14. Acts that assist or encourage acts falling under any of 13.1. to 13.13.

13.15. In addition to the acts stipulated in 13.1. to 13.14., acts that the Company reasonably deems inappropriate


14. Customer Responsibilities


14.1. Customers shall use this service at their own responsibility and shall be fully responsible for all actions performed in this service and the results thereof.

14.2. If you fall under any of the following or are likely to fall under any of the following, we may suspend the use of all or part of this service, suspend or delete your account, The Company may cancel the contract between the customer and the Company regarding the Service (including the contract based on these Terms; the same shall apply hereinafter) and take other measures that the Company reasonably deems necessary and appropriate.

(1) In case of violation of applicable laws, these Terms or individual terms of use;

(2) In the case of being a member of anti-social forces or related parties

(3) Distributing rumors, fraudulent means, using force or other illegal means to damage the credibility of the Company;

(4) When we receive a petition for seizure, provisional seizure, or auction, or when we receive a petition for the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, or similar proceedings, or when the customer's creditworthiness has arisen. reasonably determined by

(5) In addition to the cases stipulated in (1) to (4), when the trust relationship with the customer is lost or when the Company reasonably determines that the provision of this service to the customer is not appropriate.

14.3. The customer shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage (including including the burden of attorney's fees.), you must immediately compensate for this in accordance with our claim.




The Company shall ensure that there are no defects (including security-related defects, errors, bugs, and infringements of rights) with respect to the Service (including the Content), and that the safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, and without any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Company does not assume any obligation to the customer to remove such defects and provide the Service.


16. Our Disclaimer


16.1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Customer resulting from the Service, except in cases of intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Company. However, if the contract between the customer and the Company regarding the Service becomes a consumer contract as stipulated in the Consumer Contract Act (hereinafter referred to as "consumer contract"), the Company shall ), we are not responsible for compensation for damages caused by lost profits or other special circumstances, and we are not responsible for damages caused by special circumstances. shall be liable for damages up to the amount of the usage fee for this service received from the customer in the month in which the damage occurred.

16.2. If the customer suffers damage due to our gross negligence, we will not be responsible for compensating for loss of profits or other damages caused by special circumstances, within the scope of damage that should normally occur, and , In the case of paid services, we shall be liable for damages up to the amount of the usage fee for the service received from the customer in the month in which the damage occurred. However, this does not apply if the contract between the customer and the Company regarding this service falls under a consumer contract.


17. Relationship between these Terms and Laws


If any provision of these Terms is deemed to be inconsistent with the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations that apply to the contract between the customer and the Company regarding the Service, such provision shall not apply to the contract with the customer to that extent. shall be However, even in this case, it shall not affect the effectiveness of other provisions of these Terms.


18. How to contact us


18.1. Any communication from the Company to the Customer regarding the Service will be made by posting it in an appropriate place within the Service or on the Company's website, or by any other method that the Company deems appropriate.

18.2. Customers may contact the Company regarding the Service by sending an inquiry form located at an appropriate location within the Service or the Company's website, or by a method designated by the Company.




The original text of this Agreement shall be Japanese, and the governing law shall be Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance for disputes arising between the customer and the Company arising out of or in connection with the Service.


that's all

In general, the terms of use should include the following:


Conditions required to create an account (if applicable)

Key commercial terms for customers

Payment method (credit/debit card, PayPal, offline payment, etc.)

Retention of the right to change the provision of services and products

Warranty and liability for services and products


Right to Suspend/Cancel Membership Account


Limitation of liability

Right to Change/Modify Terms

Priority of Law and Dispute Resolution

Contact Information

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