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The Path to Sustainable Future

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Research fields (environment/energy, life science, system/information science and technology, nanotechnology/new materials, etc.) as a world-class science and technology research institute ・Environment/energy/new materials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment/health care, regeneration/cell/gene therapy, genome/data infrastructure, basic disease research, seeds development/research infrastructure, etc.) Quality and original technology development Patented product offering and sales


Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

The field of plant science is characterized by cutting-edge research and education aimed at realizing a sustainable society. We conduct basic research aimed at elucidating the various life functions of plant cells and individuals, as well as applied research aimed at solving environmental, resource, energy, and food problems, such as enhancing plant productivity and enhancing environmental tolerance.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

The field of medical biology is characterized by cutting-edge research and education aimed at realizing a healthy society.From basic research on various life functions of animal cells and individuals, to genomic medicine, molecular pharmacology, biological defense mechanisms, and more. , neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, etc.

Data-Powered Agriculture

The field of integrated systems biology is characterized by cutting-edge research and education aimed at creating innovative science and technology by introducing new methods and ideas such as information technology, nanotechnology, and protein science. We perceive life phenomena as a system, and conduct advanced research that pursues both experimental approaches based on cell biology and molecular biology, as well as systems science and structural biological approaches.

Next Generation Technologies

The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology started with basic technologies such as algorithms, software, hardware, and networks, and media processing technologies such as images, voices, and languages. We have continued to expand the possibilities of information science in many ways.


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In the field of information science, new laboratories such as "human robotics," "robot learning," and "computational behavioral neuroscience" are pioneering new research fields, and we are also strengthening interdisciplinary research with the fields of bioscience and materials engineering.

SDGs that aim for a sustainable and prosperous society, Society 5.0, a human-centered society that achieves both economic development and solving social issues by highly integrating virtual and real spaces, DX that transforms society for the better with IT technology, etc. Information science is deeply involved in the concepts for thinking about our present and future. Our mission is to carry out cutting-edge research that plays a part in this, and to develop human resources who will build the society of the future.



In the bioscience field, we are promoting cutting-edge research and education based on a wide range of life sciences, centered on molecular biology and cell biology.

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