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Why Choose HOCITG. Consulting?motto


Based on enthusiasm

An essential part of expressing the HOC organizational culture is that it is driven by the members' motivation.

Being motivated (ie “energetic”) means that you are seriously facing the outcome.

If we find significance in project results and have strong motivation, we will try to contribute to the results of each team member. This is synonymous with producing teamwork results.

Because of this culture, we can continue to be a very flat, flexible and high performing organization.

02.Learn or Die

Learn to die

All HOC members are very greedy to learn.

The field that HOC challenges is a field of great change, and learning is the only way to stay on the cutting edge.

We don't stick to one idea, one technology, one domain.

For example, HOC software engineers want to take on new challenges in hardware, and hardware researchers are excited to switch their field to HCI design.

As a result, HOC becomes a true learning organization composed of members with diverse backgrounds.

03.Proud, but Humble

Proud, but Humble

Take pride, but be humble

HOC is a technology-centric company. We will continue to challenge our achievements.

By doing so, we will attract the best human resources and continue to add friends.

At the same time, we have the right understanding of what we cannot achieve.

Recognizing that there are unfamiliar events and technologies in the world, that is why we can respect the ideas of members with diverse specialties to the fullest extent.

04.Boldly do what no one has done before

Boldly do what no one has done before

Boldly do what no one has done

Draw a better future and change the world with technology-We will challenge new software and hardware, new service and business transformation, and the creation of an unprecedented market.

I think that our mission in society is to do what HOC can do.


Welfare treatment: settlement of household registration, regular training, working meals, transportation subsidies, communication subsidy shuttles, purchase of housing activities, five insurances and two gold, paid vacation, providing home security gyms & personal education, overseas rotation opportunities research fund, high-temperature fake high-end medical examination abroad Opportunity, salary ranking, central enterprises, major projects, project incentives, etc.

Entry requirements

Basic algorithms and framework knowledge in machine learning

– Software development experience (C / C++ language, Python, R, MATLAB, Julia, etc.)

Only passionate people can fully demonstrate the tasks they are unable to accomplish and the potential for outstanding abilities.

・Continue to participate in major international academic conferences IEEE, NIPS, ICML, COLT, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, IJCAI, AAAI, UAI, KDD, SIGIR, WWW, ACL, PAMI, IJCV, JMLR, AIJ (more than one year) through paper

・Familiarize with various fields with a positive attitude, not just computer science

・There are some best/single elements in the world for your field of study

・Strongly hope to put the technology into practical use (highly appreciated for the results of open source and projects)

・Be able to maintain high will

・People who know the results of the research (please send all the papers you participated in)

・What kind of motivation (what kind of research do you want to conduct)?

Machine learning research (including implementation and experimentation) and results representation

– deep knowledge of machine learning and related fields (deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistics, mathematical optimization, one field, strong field)

– Top IEEE papers accepted in international conferences and journals

– R&D experience in machine learning

– computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering degree, achievement or similar achievement

– Implementation and capability of experiments required for rapid and accurate R&D

– interest and experience in the application of joint research and development methods

– positive learning attitudes and challenges to unresolved issues

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