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Industry solutions

HOCITGROUP builds information systems for government agencies, local governments, financial institutions, and companies of various industries.


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Government/Local government

















Electricity, gas, water


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For individual customers







Construction/Real Estate




Food and agriculture


AI×design&AI×Animation Technology


AI×design&AI×Animation Technology   

「創造性を科学し、世界中の誰もが社会価値創造に貢献できるエコシステムを構築する」をミッションとし、人の価値を資本により良い世の中が実現されるよう、様々なプロダクトの企画・開発・運営を行なっています。そのうちの一つ、特許技術であるCI技術(コンセンサスインテリジェンス技術)とは、独自の合意形成アルゴリズムにより、AIでは解決不可能な「教師データのない『定性的な価値』を定量化できる技術です。これにより、これまで定量化できなかった人の創造性やセンスといった「感覚的資産」を全て客観的に定量化し、ブロックチェーン技術と組み合わせて流通させることで、新たな「価値経済」を創造することが可能になります。アイデア測定&創出ツールai design独自の特許技術を駆使し、感覚的なクリエイティブ能力を数値化することができる、人のアイデアを科学するプロダクトです。
ai designを科学し、数値化することで、多くの人が潜在的に隠し持っているクリエイティブ能力の価値を発見することができるようになります。




Company information
•    Office
• Leather
•    access

Company name
HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
September 2nd year of Reiwa
Representative Director and President Tahara
6 million yen
number of employees
50 people (including contract employees)
Corporate philosophy
Mutual music, co-cultivation, co-op
Creating value and connecting to the future
• Trust
• Worth
• Intelligence
• Communication
• Economy
Business content
System design/development
• Planning/analysis/construction/design/development/support
• ・Comprehensive consulting for new installation/rebuilding
Planning design/production
• Website, printed matter, CI, etc.
Sumitomo Mitsui Mitsubishi
Lawyer, tax accountant, company employee
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
China, China Harbour Bridge, Intelligence Technology Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.
Osaka Head Office
4-9-35, Shundecho, Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture
TEL 090-8747-9395
Tokyo branch
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Osaka Head Office
5 minute walk from Kintetsu Fuse Station, Osaka City
Tokyo branch
5 minutes walk from Akabashi Station on the Toei Oedo Line

• July 1st year of Reiwa Established HOCIT GROUP
• September 1st year of Reiwa   Acceptance of specified worker dispatch business (Special 27-305254)
• September 1st Reiwa   Joined the Osaka Chamber of Commerce
• September 1st Reiwa   Employee training
• October 1st Reiwa  Opened office in Tokyo
• July 2nd year of Reiwa   First anniversary of HOCIT GROUP
• August 1st year of Reiwa   Acquired privacy mark
• 2 years in Reiwa   Increased capital to 6 million yen
Business content

System design/development
• Planning/analysis/construction/design/development/support
• ・Comprehensive consulting for new installation/rebuilding
Planning design/production
• Website, printed matter, CI, etc.
System planning/design/development/construction
We provide resident development support for business users, SIers, and manufacturers.
• Proposal and development of business applications
• Construction and development of software using multimedia software and general-purpose machines
• Network construction/server setting, operation management
• System engineering sales support
C/S system development
• Language: VB, VB.NET, Delphi, PowerBuilder, C, C++, VC++, PL/SQL, etc.
• DB: SQLserver, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
WEB system development
• Language: Java, VB.Net, JSP, C#, PHP, Perl, CGI, etc.
• DB: SQLserver, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, manufacturer RDB, etc.
• FW: WAS, Struts, WebSphere, Nexaweb, VisualStudio etc.
General-purpose machine system development
• Language: Cobol, ProCobol, PL/1 etc.
• DB: ADABAS, AIM, DB2, VIS, etc.

Website planning, design, production and management
We support various design projects from websites to paper media.
• Homepage creation/WEB content construction
• Graphic design such as CI and logo mark
• Handling of public relations, advertisements, newspapers and displays
• Production of printed materials (business cards, brochures, etc.)
• Product development, package design, etc.
Contact us by email, phone or fax,
We accept various quotes and consultations
Please tell our staff about your budget, delivery date and what you want to make.
In cases such as "I do not understand the system well" "It is difficult to explain well",
If you give us a rough image, we will propose an appropriate system.
We also accept face-to-face consultation, so please contact us if you wish.

Employment information
Being grateful is the driving force! Recruiting sales jobs that connect people to companies!
We will face the challenges from the same perspective as our customers,
After closely examining and organizing the customer's requests and thoughts,
Plan and create creatives.
We deliver proposals for solving customers' problems, not "making and ending".
"Collaboration to Goal-Achieving in Cooperation"
With this philosophy in mind, we are delighted to work together with our internal members as well as our customers.
Why do
Are working on]
We are a creative group that provides "optimum" and "creation" to our customers.
Our goal is to improve our expertise in various fields such as planning/suggestion, direction, production, system development, marketing, and human resource services, and to solve by various means. In addition, we think that we can truly solve the client's problems and expand the business by operating the PDCA instead of making it and making it.
Find what you want to achieve and find what you want.
Face your challenges as a matter of your own.
If we think from the customer's perspective with a sense of ownership, we will be able to highlight customer issues that were previously invisible.
Working closely with our customers makes it fun to work with.
How are you doing

It is a flat relationship with the management and an environment where they can accept their opinions.

We keep close contact with customers
[Respect individuality and accept diversity]
Even if I didn't get good results yesterday, today I will change my mind and start from scratch.
We do our best to clarify the issues, set goals, and achieve results while performing self-management and schedule management.
Such positive feeling and stoicness are one of the factors that can be utilized in sales.
And it's not just those who are good candidates for sales.
You can call the person who dropped the handkerchief without hesitation.
You can speak to yourself if you are not in the conversation.
When you are walking in a narrow alley, naturally you will pass the opponent first,
As I pass in front of the TV in the waiting room of the hospital, I bend over and become fast.
It is an essential element for sales to be able to naturally pay attention to such things.
If you've been told that emails are always answered quickly, that's another factor you can use in sales.
Everything is your "individuality" that leads to sales.
We will work together to achieve our goals and grow with the company, while respecting the individuality of each individual.
We are looking for members who can work together in such an environment.
I will do this
[What is Novita's sales job? ]
"Thank you." "Thanks to you."
The department that can hear these words the most is our sales department.
And this is the driving force of our work.
The strength of our sales department at Novita is "continuous relationships".
It's not "finishing and ending", but "starting after closing".
We believe that communication after signing a contract is an important part of sales, not to mention the role of connecting companies and people looking for work.
We carry out regular follow-ups, and we thank both the company and those who are employed.
The department manager usually puts antennas in various places and gathers information and prepares in advance.
That's all because we want to accurately capture the needs of our customers and solve their problems.
Under the head of such a department, the members of the sales department value the achievement of the team rather than achieving it alone.
[Believe in all possibilities and continue to challenge them]
In addition to web production, Novita is actively engaged in new initiatives such as new businesses.
That is why we can offer various suggestions and experience in sales of Novita.
A series of new discoveries because there is an opportunity to propose multiple products rather than handling one “thing”.
It is the perfect workplace for you who want to continue to take on challenges.
"Job Description"
Mainly, you will be the bridge between those who are looking for a job and the companies who are looking for people.
Whether you are looking for a company or a job, we continue to follow the concept of "starting after making a contract" rather than "ending after introducing".
I often go outside the company for meetings and interviews, and often interact with people.
Our senior employees will support you, so you can immediately discuss your concerns and anxieties!
《Indispensable experience/skills》
・General Microsoft Office (especially Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
・Those who are aware of sales plans and sales
《Welcome skill》
・Experience in human resources service
・Those who are interested in various things and want to work on it
・Those who like talking to people
・People who like to think close to their customers
If you have any interest, please do not hesitate to apply! We'll be expecting you!


Web programmer
Those who have experience of development with Android or virtualization preferential treatment
Qualification requirements
Work experience 1 year or more
Employment status
Full-time employee (trial period 6 months)
Application details
• ・Programming of core system development (Web system, open system, control system, etc.)
• Core system design/development support work (resident dispatch to major vendors)
• Experienced in web system development using JAVA, PHP, C#, .NET
• Anyone who has experience since detailed design
• Those who can handle office software without difficulty
• Those who can communicate with others and work
Twice a year (summer and winter)
Work location
Our company or Kinki area/Metropolitan area (client)
Working hours
9:00 to 18:00 (break 60 minutes) *Overtime/holiday work available
Holiday vacation
• Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
• Summer vacation, New Year holidays
• · Holiday
Benefits and benefits
• Retirement allowance system
•    ·Employment insurance
• Labor accident
• Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension)
•    ·paid holidays
• · Allowance


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